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A Unique Family Vacation

A Unique Family Vacation
Moments That Make Life Rock
A Unique Family Vacation
"This one's for you, Dad."
Mike B.
Farmingdale, NY
KISS and Parahoy Cruiser

Since 1976, I’ve been a huge KISS fan, and I knew there was no way I’d miss KISS Kruise II in 2012. When I told my wife and kids about the Kruise, everyone wanted to go, so we decided to make it our family vacation. I knew that I would have a blast and I figured that my family would simply be happy to be on vacation. After all, my kids were only 9 and 14 at the time, and they were not huge KISS fans like me. Well, we all had an AMAZING time and I haven’t missed a KISS Kruise since. My entire family has joined me on almost all of those adventures and sometimes we even bring friends along!

Amazingly, in 2014 Sixthman began having cruises with my daughter’s favorite band, Paramore. Knowing how much fun we were having every year on the KISS Kruise, I agreed to take my daughter on PARAHOY in 2016 and again in 2018. To me, one of the many highlights on any Sixthman cruise are the various events that are held with band members. These activities are always a lot of fun, and they give the fans a chance to see their heroes in a different environment. Hands down my favorite memory from any cruise has to be when my daughter had the opportunity to sing on stage in 2018 for PARAOKE, which is karaoke judged by the members of Paramore. Watching my daughter sing a Paramore song on stage in front of her musical idols was simply a dream come true for her. When the song started, she said, “This one’s for you, Dad.”

I still smile and tear up whenever I relive that moment. I was so proud of her. Where else in the world would she ever have an opportunity like this? The answer is nowhere else. Sixthman cruises are filled with tons of incredible moments that will stay with me forever, but watching my daughter perform in front of her favorite band will forever remain an all-time favorite memory.

Sixthman has helped create a lot of “once in a lifetime” memories for me and my family year after year. I can’t wait to do it all over again on the next KISS Kruise and hopefully the next PARAHOY cruise as well!


Check out Courtney's full PARAOKE performance here:

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