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Singing with Jon Bon Jovi

Singing with Jon Bon Jovi
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Singing with Jon Bon Jovi
"This was a once in a lifetime experience that I will be forever grateful for."
Michelle K.
Runaway to Paradise with Jon Bon Jovi

"My journey to Barcelona, Spain all started because of my client, Mira, who invited me to come along with her on her trip. I am her personal assistant. Her favorite band is Bon Jovi and I always shared her passion for Jon. When I found out they were having a Live Band Karaoke contest I got really excited and sent in my audition video. It has always been my dream to become a singer. Mira and I both share a love for music; it connected us. When I found out I got selected to sing with Kings of Suburbia, I was very excited and felt so honored. On the day I got to sing with Jon, Jon told the audience he needed a real singer.  He then started pointing at me and said, “Come on up! This is a daunting task, not for the faint of heart.”

The moment I started walking up the steps to the stage it felt like a dream, like I was in a movie. When I saw Jon I just froze and was star struck.  Never in my life have I ever sung with a rock star, let alone to 2,500 people unprepared. I just said to myself,  “here is my chance,” and to give it my best. I have always loved Jon and followed his music, but I never thought I would ever get the chance to sing with him. This was a once in a lifetime experience that I will be forever grateful for. He inspired me to follow my dream, which of course is singing.

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